International Collaborations

International Collaborations

We are collaborating in a range of international research projects:

  • Developing a Children’s Mental Health Literacy Scale: Working will colleagues in the USA, Australia, The Netherlands, and Norway we are developing an international scale to examine children’s knowledge and understanding of mental health (Inclusive & Psychology Academic Community: $4,000. Invited Scholars Scheme bringing International Partner A/Prof Joanne Riebschleger to Australia $7,000);
  • Group co-leader of the Parental and Family Mental Health Worldwide Network Communications Group focused disseminating research using social media to improve public understanding of key mental health issues.

International Publications

Our publications resulting from international collaborations:

Grove, C., Riebschleger, J., Bosch, A., Cavanaugh, D., & van der Ende., C. P. (2017). Expert views of children’s knowledge needs regarding parental mental illness. Children and Youth Services Review, Early Access Online. DOI:

van Doesum, K. T. M., Riebschleger, J., Carroll, J., Grove, C., Lauritzen, C., Murdoch, E., & Skerfving, A. (2016). Successful recruitment strategies for prevention programs targeting children of parents with mental health challenges: an international study. Child and Youth Services37(2), 156-174. DOI: 10.1080/0145935X.2016.1104075



Photo of Parental and Family Mental Health Worldwide Network international research conference and collaboration


Riebschleger, J., Grove, C., Tchernegovski, P., van der Ende, P, & Kallander, E. (2015, May). Knowledge for children: A proposal to develop and test a new instrument to identify knowledge of mental illness and recovery for children of a parent with a mental illness. Presentation at the Prato Research Group conference. Monash University, Prato, Italy.